Why should you subscribe to AutoCAD LT?


Do you want a flexible subscription with access to new feature after each release and update? Subscribe to AutoCAD LT.

AutoCAD LT allows you to work anytime, anywhere with its new web and mobile apps. You can enjoy the flexibility of working on your drawings in AutoCAD on any device – desktop, web or mobile, and because  AutoCAD LT is partnered with Microsoft OneDrive, Box and Dropbox you have the flexibility to access your DWG files stored in the cloud.

When you subscribe to AutoCAD LT, you will receive:

Technical support
Receive technical support from Autodesk specialists via call, online chat function and email, as well as remote desktop assistance and troubleshooting. 

Access to the latest software
Instantly access new software releases and updates, as well as download access to previous releases. 

Flexible term lengths
You can choose your subscription term length based on your needs. Options include, month, annually or for 3-years.* 

The ability to manage your tools and software anywhere
You will have the ability to manage your software licences, seats and usage from your Autodesk account at work, home or on the go.

Customisable installation: Reduce the amount of time setting up your software with faster and customisable installations. Start working even while the program is being installed. 

*Not available to maintenance plan customers.

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